Finance intertwines with every aspect of our lives. It influences our decisions, habits and lifestyles. It is important to understand and care about.

Yet, it is a sensitive topic where people do not share and discuss enough. Topics about personal finance are also often made to be complicated with jargons and biased. Information is filled with ill intentions to influence people who are less informed to buy something that is not in their interests.

I started pocketmint to share personal experiences, strategies and lessons that worked for me to help others make better financial decisions. My partner is also contributing to this site by providing visual design advices. No one is going to read a badly designed site.

Before you read more of my guides and content, I think it is important that I tell you some of my background and why you should listen to me as part of your own journey.

While growing up, I saw the consequences of being financially illiterate and realities of poor financial decisions. That had a profound impact on me and was the reason for my passion in finance since the start of high school. The initial desire was simple – be financially savvy to not suffer the same realities. I researched ferociously and tried several strategies. With some luck, hard work and an environment that afforded me opportunities, I am in a better financial position with a 6-figure portfolio before my 30s and on my way to financial independence.

Some of my successes relating to finance:

  1. Graduated with a degree in finance with highest distinction in a top 20 college globally
  2. In a FinTech role in a Fortune500 company
  3. Co-founded a personal financial literacy blog which had 400,000 views and partnerships with institutions such as Financial Times
  4. Used to ghostwrite for a Financial Literacy website

I had many family members and friends who asked what insurance policies to buy, which investments to choose, how to manage their portfolios, and so on. I also observe this in online forums. Now, I just want to share everything I know. If thousands of people learnt something from this website and through that I can build mutually beneficial relationships, that would have achieved my goal.

I’ll be recommending the services I personally use and templates that I created. So if you use the services and succeed, I will get a commission. If you liked the template that I created or the content that I write, I hope you will join the community and refer others.

If the above sounds good to you, get started with our Consolidated Playbook for Personal Finance!