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The Playbook for DIY Insurance Claims

Of all the questions that are asked by family members and friends, the most one tend to be this: how do I submit a claim request from my insurer/how to DIY? This is especially common given the poor (or lack of) service provided by the agent once the sale is completed. Contrary to popular beliefs, it’s important to note that the agent who sold you the insurance policy may not be legally bound to assist you in your claims. It is hence imperative to understand the claims process and do it yourself, if necessary.

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Why you need to use Deposit Insurance to your advantage

One essential tool that provides a safety net for your finances is deposit insurance. This is especially relevant after the recent banking crisis where bank deposits were in serious threat. In this article, we’ll delve into why deposit insurance matters and how you can strategically use it to your advantage within your retirement portfolio.

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Insurance: Pros and Cons of direct insurance

As we dive deeper into the realm of insurance, one approach that’s gaining momentum is direct insurance. This modern approach allows consumers like us to purchase insurance policies directly from providers, bypassing the traditional intermediaries like agents or brokers. It’s like having a direct line to your insurance needs, accessible from the comfort of your digital devices. With it, there are also pros and cons of this new distribution channel.